Travel in Style: Cool and Stylish Travel Essentials for Every Spudmucker

Well hello there! Now I don’t know about you Spudmuckers but down here in deepest darkest HQ we’ve been working ourselves into a frenzy of excitement thinking about Summer. Yes, it’s that time of year again when we all book our long awaited holidays and hit that cross-trainer like there’s no tomorrow. Bikini bods aside, here is our pick of the most stylish travel essentials that are bound to make you the talk of the island…

Foldable headphones

Headphones are a god-send on trips away: they block out noise from other noisy passenger on planes, buses and trains (how dare those minions speak), and they enable you to listen to your infinitely superior music whilst other unlucky fools have to be subjected to the pool-side DJ. To make sure they don’t take up bundles of room, therefore leaving ample space for your pool-side wardrobe daaahling, invest in a foldable pair such as the Polaroid Neon Noise Isolating Foldable Studio Headphones (yes they are neon – very 2014).

The dual-purpose (verging-on-superhero) watch

Who knows where your adventures will take you Spudmuckers? The number one rule is to be prepared (a feat in itself when you have to stay under 20kg!). So here to take the weight off your shoulders, literally, is The Nixon Baja Watch. This little beauty is a marriage of retro fashion and function bought to you by the Californian brand Nixon. The Baja boasts a compass, an LED flashlight and a thermometer! With this little gem the world is your oyster.

A heavy duty eye mask

Now call me a bore if you will, but I think it is vital to get as much shut-eye on a flight as possible. But, with those garish lights that planes insist on having, and that one annoying person who loves to read whilst every other normal person tries to sleep on a night flight, getting those all-important Zs can be tricky. Behold the heavy-duty eye mask – a great way to block out light and ensure you’re as perky as punch on landing. Ladies will love this hot pink number from M&S. The luxury moulded eye mask helps to prevent light from disturbing your sleep – perfecto!


The trendy tablet holder (and by tablet we aren’t talking Ibuprofen…)

We all love a gadget, and hey they prove mighty handy – from Kindles to mini computers they are a god-send when you’re off on your travels. But most people don’t want to carry their gadgets around in a corporate and soul-destroying get-up that screams, ‘Hey! Here’s my piece of technology, yes I’m checking my emails on holiday’. So, to avoid total embarrassment and to keep your laid back persona in tip top shape, STM (situated near Bondi Beach no less) have released an Annex collection aimed at people who want to keep their gadgets protected but want to ditch the geek look. The Annex Link holds a 10-inch tablet, is unisex and exudes Aussie cool.


So there we have it, happy holidays you little jet setters!

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Which flavour do you favour?

Welcome ladies and gents, to a veritable tour of our quintessentially British flavours and accordingly eccentric counterparts. Although all guaranteed 100% British and Natural, with all our mouthwatering flavours made in the UK,  the true question troubling the spudmucker elite… which flavour do you favour?

Cheesed off Red Onion

He’s in the garden with a strong cup of builders’ tea and nothing’s going right. The only remedy for the stress of this working day is something strong and cheesy. As we peel back the layers of this hardened character, however, we discover a sensitivity that brings a tear to your eye.  All it takes is a sophisticated cheddar to bring out the best in him. Alone these flavours are mighty; together they are unstoppable.

Savagely Salted

Steadfast and true. This flavor will lend you its speakers, charm the crowds then help you clear up after the party; a real box-ticker and you could take home to meet the parents. Underneath the smooth and charming exterior however, hides a wild side.  Whilst it’s thorough breeding and good manners trick you into lowering your guard; five minutes alone with a box of savagely salted and you’ll be ravenous for more.

Crackpot Pepper and Salty Salt

This one’s 1990s old-school, it’s mid-way through a tough and troubled middle-class up-bringing that it won’t let its parents forget about.  You’ll find it in the skate park in a Kurt Cobain t-shirt, or arguing over whether Oasis or Blur should clinch No.1 spot on Top of the Pops. You know that you’re a true crackpot pepper if you can remember when U2 were cool, and the cast of Saved by the bell before plastic surgery.

Various Veggies

Various veggies spent their gap year contemplating their own existence in an Indian Buddhist temple before discovering themselves on a beach in Thailand. They’re an eclectic bunch who muddle through life wearing harem pants, flip flops and platted friendship bracelets. We heard that beetroot even has a tribal tattoo. One thing’s for sure though, they all co-exist harmoniously and taste fantastic.

Honey and English Mustard

A unique one concocted from the illustrious heritage of the British gentry and crafted specially for Selfridges. He wears a blazer and chinos, can be found networking at sports events and high-society dinners where, of course, he’s a hit. His English stiff-upper lip and robust flavor are softened by the hint of sweetness- definitely a keeper.

Salty Malty Vinegar

Salty malty vinegar has a way with words and can be found recounting its stories with glee. An age old favourite, he’s seen the globe and has nothing to prove. Whether he was rescuing damsels or fighting pirates, his adventures are the best- because you know they’re true.

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Boxerchips wins big at the Airline retail awards

We are delighted to announce that Boxerchips has won the award for the Best Inflight Food Product at this years Airline Retail Awards in London. Boxerchips is now available on a many European Airlines including Ryanair, Easyjet, German Wings, Aer Arann, Thompson, Iceland Express and many more. We have recently broke the American Market and launched Boxerchips on-board American Airlines.

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