Potatoes at the Movies

Ah Spudmuckers, welcome, we’ve been expecting you – come gather round, hurry now, there isn’t time to lose. You’ve been specially chosen, my dears, to join us on an adventure into the catalogues of Hollywood’s greatest offerings to the silver screen. Why? Because you’re fellow potato enthusiasts like ourselves, and we couldn’t miss the chance to share with you the dazzling additions potatoes have made to films the world over. Let us begin, and explore the depths to which potatoes have featured in feature length delights (that’s a jazzy way of saying ‘films’, spudmuckers).

Toy Story 1, 2 & 3


These Disney Pixar blockbusters, which have made many a childhood, and adulthood, a better place would not have been the same without the world’s most loved couple – Mr & Mrs Potato Head. These two lovable spuds have provided us with comedy gold and many heart-warming moments (not to mention put spuds on the toy store map with the Mr & Mrs Potato Head memorabilia that exploded off the back of the films). Disclaimer: Whilst Mr & Mrs Potato Head possess the very rare ability to remove their facial organs we would like to assure everyone that no spuds were harmed in the making of the films.

Spud the Movie


Though no actual potatoes feature in this South African film, the main character shares a very special nickname with the potato – Spud. As Spud grows up in South Africa around the time Nelson Mandela was freed from jail he faces all the trials and tribulations that many teenagers face. Without giving too much away this film delivers a very important message… spuds conquer all!

Faith like Potatoes

Another South African offering for you all – they sure do love their spuds. However, unlike Spud the Movie, this little gem features actual potatoes! Angus, a white Zambian farmer, heads to South Africa in the hope of a better life for him and his family. Encouraged by his wife, he finds God and supernatural occurrences begin to happen when he prays to The Lord. Angus decides to plant potatoes despite being warned not to plant them because of the unprecedented drought. However, led by his faith he planted the potatoes, and when harvest time comes there is a crop of giant potatoes – hooray!

There you have it spud lovers, a small offering of the potato’s cinematic presence – fantastic films each and every one. But, we are beseeching Hollywood to include more potatoes in their upcoming blockbusters!


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How to: Make a Boxcar

Greetings all! Yes, it’s time for that next fix of knowledge and wisdom to be passed down to you by those crazy cats down at Boxerchip HQ. ‘What do we have in store this time?’ I hear you cry. No need to fret little Spudmuckers, it’s a cracker. We have been re-living our childhood fantasies, and have mastered the art of constructing a boxcar! Yes you heard right, a boxcar – that nifty vehicle usually made of wood and commonly used in competitions. Now, before we reveal the art of building the ultimate boxcar, here are a few driving tips (not that you need them of course). To steer the little fellow you have to be sure to use both your feet and hands at the same time – it’s all very quirky we know. Finally, you will need a hill – but, my friends, do try to supress your cocky streak. The steeper the hill doesn’t actually make the Spudmucker or Spudmuckerette, oh no, the not so steep hills will actually allow you to ride along for longer – giving you more time to show off your skills! So here goes: here’s how to make the ultimate boxcar.

First things first here’s a list of bits and pieces you will be needing:

  • Hammer

  • Screwdriver

  • Wood saw

  • Nails

  • Screws

  • Rope

  • Wood planks

  • A bolt for a steering pivot

  • 4 wheels with axle bars

  • A ready-made seat for the driver’s seat

Step 1

Cut the ‘chassis plank’ to size. This jazzy-named number is the longest plank, and will support the rear axle and seat at one end of the boxcar and the steering axle plank at the other, so it’s a bit of a big-dog in the boxcar construction world.

The length will depend on your height. Cars are typically between 48 and 72 inches (120 to 200 cm) in length.

The width will depend on the width of your bottom. Cars are typically 24 to 36 inches (60 to 100 cm) wide.

Step 2

Cut the axle planks to length. These need to be longer than your chassis plank is wide, plus enough to allow the wheels to turn about 30 degrees in either direction.

Step 3

Make the pivot. Drill a hole through the front end of the chassis and the middle of the front axle plank to make the pivot point for the steering plank. Fix the steering plank to the chassis plank using the bolt.

Step 4

Attach the rear axle plank. Fix the middle of the rear axle plank square to the chassis at the back end. Still keeping up? Jolly good, let us continue.

Step 5

Next, attach the rear axle plank. Fix the middle of the rear axle plank square to the chassis at the back end.

Step 6

Fix the axle bars to the axle planks. Secure them well with four or more U-brackets spaced evenly across the axel.

Step 7 

Add the seat. Fix it to the chassis and rear axle plank. The rear axle plank should be underneath the chassis.

Step 8 

Build the steering. Drill a hole through the chassis behind the left and right sides of the steering plank, and slip the rope ends through. Attach to the steering plank near the left and right ends of the plank for maximum efficiency. Make the rope loop a comfortable length for the driver when he is seated (your life is in their hands after all).

Step 9

Slide the wheels onto the axles and secure them.

Ta da! One fully functioning boxcar! Go have fun you little rascals…

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Which flavour do you favour?

Welcome ladies and gents, to a veritable tour of our quintessentially British flavours and accordingly eccentric counterparts. Although all guaranteed 100% British and Natural, with all our mouthwatering flavours made in the UK,  the true question troubling the spudmucker elite… which flavour do you favour?

Cheesed off Red Onion

He’s in the garden with a strong cup of builders’ tea and nothing’s going right. The only remedy for the stress of this working day is something strong and cheesy. As we peel back the layers of this hardened character, however, we discover a sensitivity that brings a tear to your eye.  All it takes is a sophisticated cheddar to bring out the best in him. Alone these flavours are mighty; together they are unstoppable.

Savagely Salted

Steadfast and true. This flavor will lend you its speakers, charm the crowds then help you clear up after the party; a real box-ticker and you could take home to meet the parents. Underneath the smooth and charming exterior however, hides a wild side.  Whilst it’s thorough breeding and good manners trick you into lowering your guard; five minutes alone with a box of savagely salted and you’ll be ravenous for more.

Crackpot Pepper and Salty Salt

This one’s 1990s old-school, it’s mid-way through a tough and troubled middle-class up-bringing that it won’t let its parents forget about.  You’ll find it in the skate park in a Kurt Cobain t-shirt, or arguing over whether Oasis or Blur should clinch No.1 spot on Top of the Pops. You know that you’re a true crackpot pepper if you can remember when U2 were cool, and the cast of Saved by the bell before plastic surgery.

Various Veggies

Various veggies spent their gap year contemplating their own existence in an Indian Buddhist temple before discovering themselves on a beach in Thailand. They’re an eclectic bunch who muddle through life wearing harem pants, flip flops and platted friendship bracelets. We heard that beetroot even has a tribal tattoo. One thing’s for sure though, they all co-exist harmoniously and taste fantastic.

Honey and English Mustard

A unique one concocted from the illustrious heritage of the British gentry and crafted specially for Selfridges. He wears a blazer and chinos, can be found networking at sports events and high-society dinners where, of course, he’s a hit. His English stiff-upper lip and robust flavor are softened by the hint of sweetness- definitely a keeper.

Salty Malty Vinegar

Salty malty vinegar has a way with words and can be found recounting its stories with glee. An age old favourite, he’s seen the globe and has nothing to prove. Whether he was rescuing damsels or fighting pirates, his adventures are the best- because you know they’re true.

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Boxerchips launch on American Airlines

We were thrilled to launch our delicious savagely salted Boxerchips with American Airlines officially last May. Since their introduction they have gone from strength to strength with their popularity exceeding all our expectations. The Boxerchips team flew over stateside to gage reaction with the crew and the result was very positive. Passengers and crew alike seemed to love the fact our crisps are handcooked in pure sunflower oil and are 100% free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. Did you fly with American Airlines recently and purchase a box, if so what do you think?

American Airlines crew in Chicago.

Miami crew

Having fun in New york

Crew in Dallas sampling our spudtacular crisps


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Boxerchips wins big at the Airline retail awards

We are delighted to announce that Boxerchips has won the award for the Best Inflight Food Product at this years Airline Retail Awards in London. Boxerchips is now available on a many European Airlines including Ryanair, Easyjet, German Wings, Aer Arann, Thompson, Iceland Express and many more. We have recently broke the American Market and launched Boxerchips on-board American Airlines.

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New flavour for Selfridges.

We are proud to announce our new flavour, Honey and English Mustard which is now available as part of the Big British Bang in Selfridges Food hall in London. This unique flavour combines the sharp, zingy taste of English Mustard with a sweet and luxurious honey. Crisp critics are already buzzing!

Honey and English Mustard Limited Edition Potato Crisps.

The Big British Bang Celebration in Selfridges London.

Eastpak 109c Survival Kit containing boxerchips!

 The Big Yellow 109c shop Selfridges

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Indiana June: Spud Juggling

Check out Indiana June as she travels the globe in search of the ultimate spudjugglers.