The #Spudventure Continues…

Hello Spudmuckers, it’s time to catch up with the old Spudventure we set – you know where we told you if you were travelling with Ryanair somewhere in Europe and bought our delicious Boxerchips (and quite frankly why wouldn’t you?) that you were in with a chance of winning a golden ticket that meant you won two tickets to Boxerchip HQ over in Dublin and for one lucky winner a whopping 1000 Euros – yes that Spudventure, how could you forget?

Well, three tickets have already been snapped up, by our lucky winners:


Sue who was flying back from Tenerife, Zbigniew on his way to Manchester and Sarah – well done guys!

Before you start running around like headless chickens (and we could forgive you if you did) there are still four tickets to be won, that’s right FOUR! Our friend Charlie was the last to get his golden ticket to meet Willy Wonka, so you’re laughing with four chances! So if you’re jetting off somewhere, perhaps to a warmer climate (and who can blame you in these cold times) or you just fancy a mini-break (ooh get you) then you know what to do: ward off the hunger and order the best thing on the flight, Boxerchips. Who knows – you might just find that golden ticket! With a holiday and a free trip to Dublin, you’ll be the talk of the town… well maybe your friends.

You’ll also be making the day of the air steward or stewardess who sells you your lovely Boxerchips because they get 250 euros if they sell a box with a Golden Ticket in… we really are generous. So get buying – besides being the most scrumptious thing around you’re potentially doing a good deed for the day!


Fret not if you haven’t found a golden ticket – get your hands on some Boxerchips onboard and use the polaroid frame provided to Tweet (@spudmuckers) or Instagram (@boxerchips) us a photo of your travels – get imaginative, we love something out of the ordinary – make us chuckle, we need it in these bleak winter months! So until next time folks – get off the couch, that’s the place for potatoes and you aren’t a potato are you? Get on board that plane and get eating those Boxerchips… Good luck!



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Boxerchips DIY Halloween – Part 2

Greetings Spudmuckers! Halloween is nearly upon us, and our excitement is palpable at Boxerchips HQ (there are fake graves and ghosts galore decorating the office). With the big day fast approaching here’s our second lot of epic DIY delights you can perfect this Halloween. This week’s theme: get the kiddies involved… Oh what fun all the family will have!

Potato Stamp Pumpkins

Ah the spud, its uses hold no bounds. Every child, and adult – go on just admit it, love a good old potato stamping session (it eases the soul). They are great make-shift stamps as they are easy to carve shapes into. To fit in with the Halloween spirit why not make some pumpkin shaped stamps with your potatoes (are you keeping up?) and use the finished product as an additional feature to your spooky décor.

Start by cutting a baking potato in half. With the help of an adult – we don’t want any injured little ones – very carefully carve your desired pumpkin face onto the smooth surface of your halved potato.

Next, let your newly created stamps sit out for a while, have a chat with them, watch some TV with them or just leave them to do their business… It’s up to you. Why? Because the natural moisture in potatoes doesn’t mix well with paint, we don’t know what went down between them but let’s just say they’re not on each other’s Christmas card list.

Then put a generous dollop of orange paint onto a paper plate. We’d recommend spreading some newspaper over whatever surface you’re using to avoid looking like the culprit of a pumpkin massacre. Finally, grab some paper, dip you potato into the paint and get stamping. Hey presto!


Napkin Ghosts

This little number is simple, cheap and very effective even if we do say so ourselves. Simply grab a square napkin, open up one napkin and scrunch another napkin up into a ball (this will later become the ghost’s head. Place the ‘head’ in the centre of the open napkin, then wrap this open napkin around the head and secure with some white string.

Then draw on your classic eyes and mouth with a black marker and you’ve got yourself a ghost person!

Top tip: make sure when you tie the string to secure the head that you leave some excess string, this can then be used to secure the ghost to all sorts of places.


There we have it you little devils, two great ways to jazz up your household this Halloween and get your little spuds involved in the process. Happy Halloween!


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Join the #Spudventure!

Why hello Spudmuckers! Are you in need of a Spudventure? With the nights drawing in, and the mercury dropping at an alarming rate, we don’t blame you for wanting to inject a little oomph into your life. For those lucky souls jetting off to pastures new, we here at Boxerchips HQ have another cheeky treat in the offering to get you in the holiday spirit.

On board European Ryanair flights throughout October and November, we have placed 7 sought-after golden tickets inside our scrum-diddily-umtious boxes of flavoursome crispy treats.

For those lucky enough to stumble across a golden ticket, the awesome prizes include: a trip for 2 to the magical city of Dublin with return flights and a tour of the Boxerchips factory – including transfers and accommodation – that will leave a certain Mr Wonka and his factory with their tails between their legs. If that doesn’t get you excited quicker than Augustus Gloop can say chocolate overload then this next bombshell will: at the end of the epic Boxerchips factory tour one person will win a whopping 1000 Euros!

No, this is not a vision born from pure imagination, you really could be one of 7 Ryanair passengers lucky enough to snap up one of these prizes – all you need to do is buy a box of Boxerchips on your flight to be in with a chance (let’s be honest you would have bought them anyway – those savoury sirens are irresistible).

Never fear, those lovely lads and lasses that dish out your in-flight treats are given a slice of the action too – we can just see those Oompaloompa’s orange hue turning green with envy. Those air stewards and stewardesses that sell a box with a golden ticket inside will win 250 Euros – aren’t we a nice bunch?!

If you fail to discover that golden ticket after demolishing your box of delectable delights don’t despair, there’s a final chance to get your hands on one using social media. Yes, all you have to do is Tweet and / or Instagram a picture using the Polaroid frame included when you buy a box of Boxerchips. Make them as entertaining and wacky as possible – we love a bit of off-the-wall creativity here at Boxerchips.

It really is that simple, all it takes to be in with a chance of nabbing some tip top prizes is to purchase a pack of Boxerchips on board a Ryanair flight. Who knows, you could be that jammy devil who is handsomely rewarded for parting with his last holiday euro – we have this friend called Charlie who can vouch for us that these magical scenarios really do happen … Good luck!

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For a Spudmucker on the Go: Quick and Easy Microwave Meals

Aloha spudmuckers! Now, down in the land of spuds galore we have been singing your praises, blessing your poor souls and fretting over those busy days you all have to endure. We love a bit of rock’n and a roll’n, a to’n and a fro’n, ourselves, but filling your delightful little bellies with proper grub can fall by the wayside amongst the chaos. No! We say no little spudmucker should suffer from the old grumbly tummy due to a jazzy lifestyle. So Boxerchips HQ have come to the rescue once again, because we love you my dear fellows, and have rustled up two quick and easy meals that simply have to be popped in the microwave.

Loaded Potatoes: Broccoli and Cheddar Style

This simple recipe gives your basic jacket potato a bit of oomph, in record time!

Cut a wedge out of your potato about 1/8 inch wide and 1 inch deep. Next, put the little rascal onto a microwavable dish and place in the microwave, cooking it for 10-12 minutes. Remove and fluff the potato until it is as puffy as a midsummer’s cloud.

Add some buttery spread and a pinch of salt to your potato’s fluffy interior.

Aha! Now for the filling. Place a large cup of mini broccoli florets into a bowl with one tablespoon of water. Cover the tree-like lovelies and cook on a high heat for 2 minutes. Drain and sprinkle onto your seasoned potato.

Finally, sprinkle your potato with ¼ of a cup of cheddar cheese and microwave one last time on a high heat for 2 minutes.

Greek Salad Baked Potatoes

Who knew that you could fit a whole meal, and a hearty one at that, into the humble baked spud? Prepare to be amazed my friend.

Microwave your potatoes for around 15 minutes, or until tender when pierced with a fork, then remove (careful now, don’t burn those fingers will you).

Combine 1 cup of chopped and de-seeded vine tomatoes with 2 tablespoons of chopped onion, 4 coarsely chopped black olives, 2 teaspoons of red-wine vinegar, 1 ½ teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil with some dried oregano, salt and pepper.

Finally, spoon the mixture into the baked potatoes and crumble over as much feta as you desire.

Bad-a-bing, bad-a-boom – easy peasy baked potato treats in a fraction of the time it would take in the oven.

Happy cooking!

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The Boxerchips Halloween: The Loved and the Loathed

Halloween has been and gone in a haze of fake blood, white face paint and numerous sugar overloads. The spooky antics that have haunted the globe have not gone unnoticed by those savvy smarty pants down in Boxerchip HQ. So here, for your entertainment and to ease your burning curiosity, are the Boxerchips teams highs and lows, loves and loathes of that epic night which is all hallows eve.

We all reminisce about that little knot of excitement we used to get as Boxerchiplets, not yet fully fledged, when school was over and the nights trick or treating frivolities could begin. Ma and Pa’s tyranny over all things sweet became a distant memory as we ravaged the streets in search of those gloriously good treats. The thrill as we delved into the un-known dish waiting for our fate, to find again and again a series of spookily delectably delights, was immense. But, as the years went on, and the growth of our brains reached fever pitch, it soon became clear that those treats that terrified out taste-buds were nothing more than your standard bar of sugary goodness – just as easy to purchase from the corner shop, no need for your epic Halloween quest. Alas, some joy was lost to the knowledge that the spookiest thing about your trick or treat snack was the sheer speed it managed to navigate the jump on to the ghostly bandwagon of terror – however, the delightful sugar rush still remained.

As carb heads Halloween can seem a little isolating to the Boxerchips family, we can join in on the eerie antics too don’t you know! So you can imagine our delight at the introduction to the new craze, sure to push those bog standard witches and ghouls off of their top spot as Halloween favourites, the scary potato. Not one to be messed with, the scary

potato lures you into a false sense of security, from the back its pale skin with flecks of the ground it has risen makes the stomach groan in longing for a piece of its starchy goodness, but then it all changes. Slowly turning you see its sinister side, with razor sharp teeth jutting from its surface waiting to take down anyone who even attempts to bake this potato, we love it.

Finally the Boxerchips family want to give major props to all those master pumpkin carvers out there. Who knew that it was possible to etch anything from your classic smiley face to the Mona Lisa onto the face of such a humble vegetable?Pumpkin artists everywhere we salute you!

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Which flavour do you favour?

Welcome ladies and gents, to a veritable tour of our quintessentially British flavours and accordingly eccentric counterparts. Although all guaranteed 100% British and Natural, with all our mouthwatering flavours made in the UK,  the true question troubling the spudmucker elite… which flavour do you favour?

Cheesed off Red Onion

He’s in the garden with a strong cup of builders’ tea and nothing’s going right. The only remedy for the stress of this working day is something strong and cheesy. As we peel back the layers of this hardened character, however, we discover a sensitivity that brings a tear to your eye.  All it takes is a sophisticated cheddar to bring out the best in him. Alone these flavours are mighty; together they are unstoppable.

Savagely Salted

Steadfast and true. This flavor will lend you its speakers, charm the crowds then help you clear up after the party; a real box-ticker and you could take home to meet the parents. Underneath the smooth and charming exterior however, hides a wild side.  Whilst it’s thorough breeding and good manners trick you into lowering your guard; five minutes alone with a box of savagely salted and you’ll be ravenous for more.

Crackpot Pepper and Salty Salt

This one’s 1990s old-school, it’s mid-way through a tough and troubled middle-class up-bringing that it won’t let its parents forget about.  You’ll find it in the skate park in a Kurt Cobain t-shirt, or arguing over whether Oasis or Blur should clinch No.1 spot on Top of the Pops. You know that you’re a true crackpot pepper if you can remember when U2 were cool, and the cast of Saved by the bell before plastic surgery.

Various Veggies

Various veggies spent their gap year contemplating their own existence in an Indian Buddhist temple before discovering themselves on a beach in Thailand. They’re an eclectic bunch who muddle through life wearing harem pants, flip flops and platted friendship bracelets. We heard that beetroot even has a tribal tattoo. One thing’s for sure though, they all co-exist harmoniously and taste fantastic.

Honey and English Mustard

A unique one concocted from the illustrious heritage of the British gentry and crafted specially for Selfridges. He wears a blazer and chinos, can be found networking at sports events and high-society dinners where, of course, he’s a hit. His English stiff-upper lip and robust flavor are softened by the hint of sweetness- definitely a keeper.

Salty Malty Vinegar

Salty malty vinegar has a way with words and can be found recounting its stories with glee. An age old favourite, he’s seen the globe and has nothing to prove. Whether he was rescuing damsels or fighting pirates, his adventures are the best- because you know they’re true.

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A Brief History of the Spud

Here at Boxerchips we only choose the best spuds from local British farmers, but its only recently (in historical terms) that this vegetable has been cultivated on these fine shores.

Potato Chips in the making

Brought to Europe from the New World by Spanish explorers in the 1500s, today the potato is the fifth most widely grown crop worldwide. The crop’s success was never a foregone conclusion, however, in the 18th century the tuber was a startling novelty, frightening to some, bewildering to others—it even sparked new fashions across the continent.

Blooming potato plants send up five-lobed flowers which scatter across the fields like colonies of purple starfish. According to some, Marie Antoinette liked the blossoms so much that she put them in her hair. Her husband, Louis XVI, put one in his buttonhole, inspiring a brief vogue in which the French aristocracy swanned around with potato plants on their clothes. The flowers were part of an attempt to persuade French farmers to plant and French diners to eat this strange new species of vegetable.

boxerchips in all their glory

Compared to grain based crops (such as rice and wheat), potatoes are far more productive. Growing underground, the size of the crop is not limited by the rest of the plant – in 2008 for example, one shocked Lebanese farmer dug up a potato weighing almost 25lbs. This sacred vegetable was even heralded as the cure for famine across northern Europe. Indeed, a statue of Sir Francis Drake still stands in Offenburg, South West Germany, bearing the inscription

“disseminator of the potato in Europe
in the Year of Our Lord 1586.
Millions of people
who cultivate the earth
bless his immortal memory.”

We at Boxerchips bless his immortal memory too, for had he never bought the humble potato to our shores, you’d not be able to enjoy our deliciously wholesome handmade 100% British potato chips!

Find out more about the history of the potato here.

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Boxerchips at the Barbican!

Boxerchips are now available to buy in the Foodhall at the Barbican, London.

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Ode to Boxerchips!

I recently flew on an Easyjet plane
So my reason for writing, please let me explain
Feeling quite hungry and dry, with parched lips
I bought a pack of your Spudmucker Chips.

The contents were tasty and of flavour didn’t lack
And I then read the words on the back of the pack
A load of lines all rhyming with Spudmucker
But please can you tell what the hell is a “Cucker”??

Now Autumn is here with falling leaves
Though we’ve yet to see any potato thieves
So i’ll finish my meal with an apple (a cox)
And I won’t stoe my crisps near any smelly socks.

Thanks for the laugh and the crisps were quite tasty
But before my next flight I won’t be so hasty
The question I ask before paying my fare
Is, are your crisps available on Ryanair?

By Stuart Kira
Hatfield, Herts, UK



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Boxerchips launch on American Airlines

We were thrilled to launch our delicious savagely salted Boxerchips with American Airlines officially last May. Since their introduction they have gone from strength to strength with their popularity exceeding all our expectations. The Boxerchips team flew over stateside to gage reaction with the crew and the result was very positive. Passengers and crew alike seemed to love the fact our crisps are handcooked in pure sunflower oil and are 100% free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. Did you fly with American Airlines recently and purchase a box, if so what do you think?

American Airlines crew in Chicago.

Miami crew

Having fun in New york

Crew in Dallas sampling our spudtacular crisps


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