The #Spudventure Continues…

Hello Spudmuckers, it’s time to catch up with the old Spudventure we set – you know where we told you if you were travelling with Ryanair somewhere in Europe and bought our delicious Boxerchips (and quite frankly why wouldn’t you?) that you were in with a chance of winning a golden ticket that meant you won two tickets to Boxerchip HQ over in Dublin and for one lucky winner a whopping 1000 Euros – yes that Spudventure, how could you forget?

Well, three tickets have already been snapped up, by our lucky winners:


Sue who was flying back from Tenerife, Zbigniew on his way to Manchester and Sarah – well done guys!

Before you start running around like headless chickens (and we could forgive you if you did) there are still four tickets to be won, that’s right FOUR! Our friend Charlie was the last to get his golden ticket to meet Willy Wonka, so you’re laughing with four chances! So if you’re jetting off somewhere, perhaps to a warmer climate (and who can blame you in these cold times) or you just fancy a mini-break (ooh get you) then you know what to do: ward off the hunger and order the best thing on the flight, Boxerchips. Who knows – you might just find that golden ticket! With a holiday and a free trip to Dublin, you’ll be the talk of the town… well maybe your friends.

You’ll also be making the day of the air steward or stewardess who sells you your lovely Boxerchips because they get 250 euros if they sell a box with a Golden Ticket in… we really are generous. So get buying – besides being the most scrumptious thing around you’re potentially doing a good deed for the day!


Fret not if you haven’t found a golden ticket – get your hands on some Boxerchips onboard and use the polaroid frame provided to Tweet (@spudmuckers) or Instagram (@boxerchips) us a photo of your travels – get imaginative, we love something out of the ordinary – make us chuckle, we need it in these bleak winter months! So until next time folks – get off the couch, that’s the place for potatoes and you aren’t a potato are you? Get on board that plane and get eating those Boxerchips… Good luck!



How to Keep Warm this January

Brrrr, this January weather certainly has us reaching for our thermal knickerbockers. Yes, the mornings are frosty and the mercury is at an all-time low – and quite frankly Spudmuckers, here at Boxerchips HQ the winter woollies are firmly on and the heating is cranked up. But, whilst we don’t want to sit here and shiver our timbers’ off, piling on layer after layer of bulbous knitwear is not becoming on even the most slender of Spudmucker. Never fear! We’ve rounded up some delightful (and we have to admit slightly bonkers) gadgets that will keep you warm and toasty this January.


The Heated Mouse

No, this isn’t a house-trained mouse with an abnormally high body temperature – it’s even better. Do you suffer from chilly fingers? Us too, that’s why we’ve featured the ingenious heated computer mouse, you can now surf the net at leisure knowing your palms will always feel warm and toasty.

The Mulled Wine Heater

Mmmm mulled wine, up there in our top ten reasons why we love winter – who doesn’t want a valid excuse to consume a fruity alcoholic beverage, it really does warm the cockles of your heart. But, mulled wine is a perilous drink to enjoy; once it reaches a cool temperature its festive appeal disintegrates leaving bitter, cool disappointment in its place. Cue the Mulled Wine Heater – a mulled wine just with a space for a tea light underneath to keep your wine warm (correct us if we’re wrong but this looks like a budget version of a hob to us, at least with a hob you don’t have to worry about the flame blowing out… The jury’s out).

Battery Heated Socks

Huzzah! Cold tootsies are no more! A round of applause to the genius who rustled up this delightfully snuggly invention. However, ensure your trousers are roomy, shoes are slightly too big (these socks are on the chunky side people), you carry plenty of spare batteries and avoid getting your socks wet (it’s not cold enough to justify frazzling yourself to stay warm).

Toast Hand Warmers

These cheeky little fellows will keep your hands nice and toasty – quite literally. However, whilst these toast hand warmers are basically heated gloves we’re not sure having fabric slices of toast on your hands will be a practical solution to your frosty finger, or do anything for your street cred.

Ear Warming Headphones

Ear Muffs just got a rather awesome makeover, no longer fluffy monstrosities that make you look like you have a rather unfortunate case of excessive (oddly coloured) ear hair, these bad boys are the sort of gadget that will make you feel like James Bond’s epic sidekick – who feels the cold. Not only do these ear warmers sport a faux shearling liner (ladidaaa) they also come with built-in headphones so you can rock and stay warm all at the same time. Mind. Is. Blow.

There you have ladies and gentlemen, the weird and wonderful gadgets on the market to keep you warm as winter tightens its icy grip!


Potatoes at the Movies

Ah Spudmuckers, welcome, we’ve been expecting you – come gather round, hurry now, there isn’t time to lose. You’ve been specially chosen, my dears, to join us on an adventure into the catalogues of Hollywood’s greatest offerings to the silver screen. Why? Because you’re fellow potato enthusiasts like ourselves, and we couldn’t miss the chance to share with you the dazzling additions potatoes have made to films the world over. Let us begin, and explore the depths to which potatoes have featured in feature length delights (that’s a jazzy way of saying ‘films’, spudmuckers).

Toy Story 1, 2 & 3


These Disney Pixar blockbusters, which have made many a childhood, and adulthood, a better place would not have been the same without the world’s most loved couple – Mr & Mrs Potato Head. These two lovable spuds have provided us with comedy gold and many heart-warming moments (not to mention put spuds on the toy store map with the Mr & Mrs Potato Head memorabilia that exploded off the back of the films). Disclaimer: Whilst Mr & Mrs Potato Head possess the very rare ability to remove their facial organs we would like to assure everyone that no spuds were harmed in the making of the films.

Spud the Movie


Though no actual potatoes feature in this South African film, the main character shares a very special nickname with the potato – Spud. As Spud grows up in South Africa around the time Nelson Mandela was freed from jail he faces all the trials and tribulations that many teenagers face. Without giving too much away this film delivers a very important message… spuds conquer all!

Faith like Potatoes

Another South African offering for you all – they sure do love their spuds. However, unlike Spud the Movie, this little gem features actual potatoes! Angus, a white Zambian farmer, heads to South Africa in the hope of a better life for him and his family. Encouraged by his wife, he finds God and supernatural occurrences begin to happen when he prays to The Lord. Angus decides to plant potatoes despite being warned not to plant them because of the unprecedented drought. However, led by his faith he planted the potatoes, and when harvest time comes there is a crop of giant potatoes – hooray!

There you have it spud lovers, a small offering of the potato’s cinematic presence – fantastic films each and every one. But, we are beseeching Hollywood to include more potatoes in their upcoming blockbusters!


Must have Christmas Jumpers

Ding dong merrily on high Spudmuckers! It’s that jolly old time of the year again when we can over indulge, become a coach potato (us proactive spuds don’t usually condone this but once a year is ay okay by us), and don rather fetching Christmas attire. Yes, the more garish, brighter, jazzier the better. We’re talking tinsel, lights and all things oh-so-ho-ho-ho Christmassy Santa would stand up and applaud.

We want to see each and every Spudmucker prancing down the street proudly sporting their outrageous Christmas jumpers with undisguised glee. Still haven’t got the picture? It’s a good job we’ve collected some delightful festive knitwear to whet your appetite and get you down to your local high-street to nap a jumper as equally brilliant. Take a look my friends, you have to see it to believe it….

They really are cracking aren’t they Spudmuckers? However you decide to spend your festive season, decked out in lights, tinsel and other garish delights – or something more demure, have yourselves a very Merry Christmas, and a spudtastic New Year!

Boxerchips DIY Halloween – Part 2

Greetings Spudmuckers! Halloween is nearly upon us, and our excitement is palpable at Boxerchips HQ (there are fake graves and ghosts galore decorating the office). With the big day fast approaching here’s our second lot of epic DIY delights you can perfect this Halloween. This week’s theme: get the kiddies involved… Oh what fun all the family will have!

Potato Stamp Pumpkins

Ah the spud, its uses hold no bounds. Every child, and adult – go on just admit it, love a good old potato stamping session (it eases the soul). They are great make-shift stamps as they are easy to carve shapes into. To fit in with the Halloween spirit why not make some pumpkin shaped stamps with your potatoes (are you keeping up?) and use the finished product as an additional feature to your spooky décor.

Start by cutting a baking potato in half. With the help of an adult – we don’t want any injured little ones – very carefully carve your desired pumpkin face onto the smooth surface of your halved potato.

Next, let your newly created stamps sit out for a while, have a chat with them, watch some TV with them or just leave them to do their business… It’s up to you. Why? Because the natural moisture in potatoes doesn’t mix well with paint, we don’t know what went down between them but let’s just say they’re not on each other’s Christmas card list.

Then put a generous dollop of orange paint onto a paper plate. We’d recommend spreading some newspaper over whatever surface you’re using to avoid looking like the culprit of a pumpkin massacre. Finally, grab some paper, dip you potato into the paint and get stamping. Hey presto!


Napkin Ghosts

This little number is simple, cheap and very effective even if we do say so ourselves. Simply grab a square napkin, open up one napkin and scrunch another napkin up into a ball (this will later become the ghost’s head. Place the ‘head’ in the centre of the open napkin, then wrap this open napkin around the head and secure with some white string.

Then draw on your classic eyes and mouth with a black marker and you’ve got yourself a ghost person!

Top tip: make sure when you tie the string to secure the head that you leave some excess string, this can then be used to secure the ghost to all sorts of places.


There we have it you little devils, two great ways to jazz up your household this Halloween and get your little spuds involved in the process. Happy Halloween!


Join the #Spudventure!

Why hello Spudmuckers! Are you in need of a Spudventure? With the nights drawing in, and the mercury dropping at an alarming rate, we don’t blame you for wanting to inject a little oomph into your life. For those lucky souls jetting off to pastures new, we here at Boxerchips HQ have another cheeky treat in the offering to get you in the holiday spirit.

On board European Ryanair flights throughout October and November, we have placed 7 sought-after golden tickets inside our scrum-diddily-umtious boxes of flavoursome crispy treats.

For those lucky enough to stumble across a golden ticket, the awesome prizes include: a trip for 2 to the magical city of Dublin with return flights and a tour of the Boxerchips factory – including transfers and accommodation – that will leave a certain Mr Wonka and his factory with their tails between their legs. If that doesn’t get you excited quicker than Augustus Gloop can say chocolate overload then this next bombshell will: at the end of the epic Boxerchips factory tour one person will win a whopping 1000 Euros!

No, this is not a vision born from pure imagination, you really could be one of 7 Ryanair passengers lucky enough to snap up one of these prizes – all you need to do is buy a box of Boxerchips on your flight to be in with a chance (let’s be honest you would have bought them anyway – those savoury sirens are irresistible).

Never fear, those lovely lads and lasses that dish out your in-flight treats are given a slice of the action too – we can just see those Oompaloompa’s orange hue turning green with envy. Those air stewards and stewardesses that sell a box with a golden ticket inside will win 250 Euros – aren’t we a nice bunch?!

If you fail to discover that golden ticket after demolishing your box of delectable delights don’t despair, there’s a final chance to get your hands on one using social media. Yes, all you have to do is Tweet and / or Instagram a picture using the Polaroid frame included when you buy a box of Boxerchips. Make them as entertaining and wacky as possible – we love a bit of off-the-wall creativity here at Boxerchips.

It really is that simple, all it takes to be in with a chance of nabbing some tip top prizes is to purchase a pack of Boxerchips on board a Ryanair flight. Who knows, you could be that jammy devil who is handsomely rewarded for parting with his last holiday euro – we have this friend called Charlie who can vouch for us that these magical scenarios really do happen … Good luck!

Boxerchips DIY – Halloween Part 1

We are brimming with excitement down here at Boxerchip headquarters Spudmuckers. Why? It’s October, and that can only mean one thing – Halloween is just around the corner! We love a chance to consume copious amounts of sugar, dress up in ridiculous costumes (the more gruesome the better) and really get our creative juices flowing. When we do Halloween we pull out all the stops, pumpkins, a mountain of treats to rival Everest, the whole shebang. Now, doing Halloween Boxerchips style takes a lot of preparation and dedication – no last minute dashes to your nearest pound shop to pick up cotton wool-esqe spider webs and sheets for ghost costumes. That’s why we’re giving you plenty of time to perfect these awesome DIY Halloween delights; they’re cheap, easy and are guaranteed to spook the bejeebers out of unwitting trick or treaters and party guests *muhahaha*

In this instalment of our epic Halloween DIY ideas we’ll be tackling how to make the perfect (fake) gravestone.

  • First of all source a decent sized, and sturdy, cardboard box.
  • Type up a name plaque on your computer – the creepier the chosen font the better – and print out the plaque (i.e., Count Dracula 1400 – 1895) onto sticker paper, which you can find at any decent stationary shop.
  • Next, stick your plaque onto a piece of foam. Then using a craft knife, carefully, create an engraved look on the foam by tracing the edges of the letters with the knife, cut slightly inward so that the cuts on each side of the letter will meet, allowing the unwanted foam to come clean out.

For example:

  • Then trim the whole foam board into a plaque shape. Next, cut off the flaps on one end of the box – and cover this end of the box using heavy-duty tape creating a smooth seam-free finish. Spread the tabs on the other end of the box to make a sturdy stand for the head stone (to make it even sturdier use the tabs cut off from the other end of the box and attach to the corners of the open tabs using a strong glue).
  • Glue the foam plaque onto the front of the headstone (box). Then give the entire box 2 – 3 thick coats of paint in a plain colour to cover any writing or colour on the box.
  • After the paint has dried cover the whole box in grey, tombstone-esque colour. Once this has dried give it a light wash-over with a watered down black paint to create an eerie weathered effect.
  • For an even more authentic look you can stipple areas of the headstone with lighter or darker tones of the base coat to give a stony look.
  • Once you have created the desired look for your headstone, stick real or fake leaves and grass to its base (you could even add a ghoulish hand emerging from the headstones base if you really want to up the creep-factor). You can also sprinkle some dirt over the slightly damp paint of the tombstone to add even extra aging – let’s be honest the older the creepier a headstone seems.
  • Once it is totally dry take it outside and secure it to your lawn with nails stuck through the sturdy tab base.

Et voila – one impressively horrific tombstone to add to your equally terrifying Halloween décor, keep your eyes peeled for part 2 of our DIY special (it’ll be gruesome, we promise).

Boxerchip’s Guide to the Perfect Crisp Sandwich

Well hello there Spudmuckers! How are we on this fine day? Now, we all know that spuds are darn tooting fabulous, and there’s nothing more worthy of some spud-loving praise than the crisp *drool*. All those flavours and textures, ah the possibilities are endless – and one of the best crispy delights to grace the planet is the infamous crisp sandwich, you cannot get better no way no how! One thing to keep in mind is that this delightful gourmet delicacy takes time and effort to perfect. But never fear grasshoppers! We are here to guide you through this gourmet process. Here is our ultimate guide to the one the only crisp sandwich.

1)     After checking your two slices of bread to ensure that they have a light and fluffy texture (it can be brown, white, wholemeal it’s all up to you my friend, it just has to be as puffy as a cloud) lay both slices out on a chopping board made of the finest quality – you don’t want to mess with the delicate balance of wheat in the bread after all.

2)     Next, butter your bread – take your time this bit is rather tricky – make sure your knife is brought to room temperature, gently lower it into your chosen form of spread and slowly slide it across the surface until you generate a lovely golden ribbon of butter. Next transfer this to the bread, dolloping equal amounts on each slice before gently smoothing a thin, even layer over every nook and cranny.

3)     You can now put your thinking caps on and get a little bit inventive (ooerrr). First things first, choose your ideal crisp flavour, whether that be the traditional salt and vinegar or the exotic sweet chili variety, it’s up to y’all. Once that all important decision has been made you can decide if you want to jazz this whole shebang up or not. Just think you could add France’s finest cheese, crisp iceberg lettuce and slice or ham or two, at a risk of repeating ourselves, it’s completely up to you – hey, we’re a poet and we didn’t even know it.

4)     Once you’ve settled on your fillings layer them over one slice of bread before placing the other on top and pressing down firmly until you hear the satisfying crack of the crisps (mmmm never has a sound ever sounded so sweet).

5)     Finally, cut your sarnie into your desired shape, squares, triangles, hearts the world is your oyster, and gobble away!

Et voila the World’s best crisp sandwich is utterly achievable with our comprehensive step by step guide.

Boxerchips Crazy Summer BBQ Essentials!

Phew! The heat is on Spudmuckers, and that means only one thing… The return of the great British BBQ (hooray!). The BBQ is a time honoured tradition, and takes many years of practise (and domestic turmoil) to perfect. But, some crazy cats have rustled up some far out BBQ essentials to help ease your grill-induced stress and give you the perfect alfresco dining experience. The jury’s still out on these 5 weird and wonderful gadgets at Boxerchips HQ, but take a look:

The UFO BBQ cover


Because we all want the piece of equipment used to cook our grub associated with aliens… We’ll pass on the Martian kebabs and stick to a good old beef burger thank you very much. That being said, it’ll save a lot of cleaning once the dreary months of winter have passed and that fine specimen of a grill can smoke its coals in all its glory.


The Ham Dogger


A sure fire away to confuse the grannies at Aunt Marg’s birthday BBQ is to whip out the ham dogger; a device that shapes your hamburgers to the shape of hot dogs – is there no end to technology’s madness!


The Reel Roaster


Oh the fun and games that could had with the reel roaster – it basically combines two of Britain’s favourite past times, fishing and BBQing (it’s almost too much to handle). Basically, you stab your hotdog, marshmallow or whatever else you fancy and crank the wheel to rotate the skewer – we do wonder what is wrong with an old fashioned skewer and a pair of hands, but hey we do love a fun yet unnecessary gadget.


The long handled salt & pepper set (oh and ‘the spice arm’)


Now, we can sympathise that a BBQ puts life and limb in danger for the sake of a perfectly grilled feast. However, if the heat is so intense and the flames are jumping so high that you have to resort to sticking your condiments onto long handles then seasoning your grub is the least of your worries – no amount of pepper can rescue chicken wings a la burn.


The hot dog roller


The stainless steel rollers elevate the hot dogs off the grill, and keep the BBQ’s flames away from the hot dogs themselves. In other words, your grilled hot dogs are shielded from everything that gives them a BBQ flavour – we haven’t quite deciphered why you wouldn’t just boil them if you insist on using this contraption. Each to their own eh Spudmuckers…

There you have it, 5 crazy BBQ essentials that will leave up to you to decide whether you can live without them or not, now get out there and throw your shrimp on the BBQ before the heavens open again.





Escape to the Sunshine: Top 5 European Spots to Visit

Summer is just around the corner Spudmuckers (wahooo) but as much as we all love good old Blighty, its Summer-time weather can be slightly hit-and-miss to say the least. Luckily for you, sun-drenched beaches are only a hop skip and a jump away. So, here are our pick of the best sunshine spots Europe has to offer…

1) Croatia

Croatia holds bundles of old world charms with Venetian inspired buildings, quaint cobbled streets and masses of warm sunny weather. Head to the charming Dubrovnik to marvel at the city’s beautiful architecture and explore the city walls of the old town which have spectacular views. The Adriatic Sea is second-to-none in terms of beauty, and you could be mistaken for thinking you’re in the Caribbean – yes the water is that clear. Whilst many of the beaches in Croatia are pebbly there are many sandy beaches to be found with a little exploring – why not explore the islands that sit off Croatia’s coast such as Hvar and Pag? Once you’re there, hire out a boat or a kayak and discover the beautiful coves the Croatian peninsula has to offer.


2) The Greek Islands

The Greek Islands are renowned for their beautiful weather, scenery, and hospitable locals. With this in mind, a trip to one of the hundreds of Greek Islands is a guaranteed winner. If you’re after picturesque beauty that includes white beaches and crystal clear waters head to Kefalonia – Myrtos Beach in particular. This beach is set in a deep, wide bay and graces the cover of countless guidebooks. Other iconic beaches include Navagio (‘shipwrecked’) Bay on the island of Zakynthos. Positioned on the West coast, underneath the village of Volimes, this beach is the most photographed on the island. In 1983, an illegal boat carrying cigarettes was washed off the shore of the bay. The white sand has now swallowed up the wreckage leaving only parts of its rusty body on show.


3) The Algarve, Portugal

The Algarve has been a European hot spot for years, and it’s no surprise. Just a short (and usually cheap!) flight away lies consistently beautiful weather and stunning scenery for holidaymakers to enjoy. Why not visit Lagos, home to some of the Algarve’s most photographed beaches, such as the spectacular Praia Dona Ana beach, which boasts white sand, Blue Ocean and dramatic cliffs and rock formations that make it perfect for exploring the secluded coves that are sandwiched between the cliff faces. The long and sandy Meia Praia beach offers every water sport imaginable, and if all the sunbathing gets too much, head to Lagos town to enjoy the array of seafood restaurants and learn some more about the town’s intriguing history!


4) Malta

This small island packs a big punch, and offers everything from quiet coastal villages to cosmopolitan nightlife. Malta’s Valletta has already been named the Capital of Culture for 2018, and has been described as an ‘open air museum’ with fantastic history, architecture and a beautiful harbour to enjoy. The Island is home to many open air venues that hold a variety of concerts and plays throughout the year and are not to be missed. If you fancy a change of pace, hop over to Malta’s sister island Gozo, which is immensely popular with tourists and locals alike, and enjoy the tranquil beauty of its beaches and beautiful sights such as the Azure Window.


5) Turkey

If you fancy somewhere exotic without the long-haul price tag then Turkey is the perfect choice for you. Turkey gives you Middle Eastern charm and temperatures at a fraction of the price of the likes of Dubai. You can explore the mesmerising mosques of Istanbul, and sample one of the city’s extensive networks of markets. Turkey also plays host to miles upon miles of beautiful coastline, and there is a resort to suite everyone! The infamous Oludeniz is one of the most photographed beaches in Turkey, for good reason. The white sandy beach stretches beyond the mainland and out into the sapphire sea and is also home to lush greenery. Sunbathing aside, the village is renowned for paragliding – the perfect way to fully appreciate the spectacular views. Take a visit to Kalkan if great food and a bohemian atmosphere are your idea of an ideal holiday. You can dine on fresh sea food and delicious Turkish cuisine, and spend your days lounging at beautiful beach bars scattered with hammocks and cushions galore. Finally, if you want something slightly out of the ordinary, Olympos is calling your name. Here you can stay in tree-top hotels metres from the beach, enjoying the beautiful scenery and meeting like-minded people – very popular with backpackers.

So there you have it – our pick of Europe’s best sunshine spots. Wherever you end up this Summer, have a happy holiday Spudmuckers!