Ode to Boxerchips!

I recently flew on an Easyjet plane
So my reason for writing, please let me explain
Feeling quite hungry and dry, with parched lips
I bought a pack of your Spudmucker Chips.

The contents were tasty and of flavour didn’t lack
And I then read the words on the back of the pack
A load of lines all rhyming with Spudmucker
But please can you tell what the hell is a “Cucker”??

Now Autumn is here with falling leaves
Though we’ve yet to see any potato thieves
So i’ll finish my meal with an apple (a cox)
And I won’t stoe my crisps near any smelly socks.

Thanks for the laugh and the crisps were quite tasty
But before my next flight I won’t be so hasty
The question I ask before paying my fare
Is, are your crisps available on Ryanair?

By Stuart Kira
Hatfield, Herts, UK



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